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Food Grade Waste Cooking Oil Buyers

As the demand for BioDiesel continuously soars, it drives the pricing of waste cooking oil. The Grease Company is a California based company that will purchase used restaurant grease, expired oils, and filtered waste food-grade oil. We pay top dollar for large amounts of yellow grease and oil from food manufacturing plants, cooking oil factories, importers, exporters, transporters, etc.

How to sell expired, unused, and clean oil?

The process of selling clean waste cooking grease or unused, expired oil is easy. We can pick up from your location, or you can deliver it to one of our sites. Please note that large quantity of oils we pick up from the your location must have no more than 2% impurities. All products purchased are weight for accuracy, and once the product is offloaded, we will provide payment via check or ACH.

Price of grease and used cooking oil 

Pricing paid will be based on the quality of the food-grade or cooking oil being sold. We purchase and pay top dollar for filtered or virgin oils greater than 1,000 gallons and arrange for pick up at the location if necessary. Because yellow grease is a commodity, pricing can change daily; therefore, for the current oil purchase price, please call us at 888-697-8910.

Transportion and delivery

If you have used cooking oil that you are selling to TGC you have the option of delivering directly to our location or we can have it picked up from where the product is stored. Please note that a full truckload of oil is 6,500 gallons, and the freight cost is based on a flat rate. Since transport cost done by a flat charge of up to 6,500 filling up the tanker tanks completely will be more effective.

What type of oils and grease do you purchase?

Almond oil | Avocado oil | Butter | Canola oil | Coconut oil (virgin) | Corn oil | Cottonseed oil | Diacylglycerol (DAG) oil | Fish oil | Linseed oil | Grapeseed oil | Hemp oil | Lard | Macadamia oil | Margarine (hard) | Margarine (soft) | Mustard oil | Olive oil (extra virgin, refined, extra light, extra virgin) | Palm oil | Peanut oil | Pumpkin seed oil | Rice bran oil | Safflower oil | Soybean oil | Sunflower oil | Tea seed oil | Tallow | Walnut oil | Animal Fat | Lard 

Frequently Asked Questions

1What States Do You Purchase Cooking Oil From?
We purchase pure and clean food grade and filtered waste oil throughout California.
2Can I deliver oil to your location?
If you are selling unfinished product or unfiltered oil, it is a requirement to have an IKG licensed for us to purchase your your used cooking oil.
3Can we drop off used cooking oil at your location?
We do not accept grease or cooking oil from anyone that is not a licensed hauler. If you have used cooking oil from personal use, call the city you are in to find out if there is a local drop off location.
4Do you only purchase and recycle oil?
Yes, we are not equipped to recycle other types of goods other than cooking grease or food grade oil.
5How can I start a cooking oil collection business?
To begin a used cooking oil collection business, you must attain an inedible kitchen grease (IKG) hauler license from the California Department of Food and Aggriculture.
6How much can I sell cooking oil for?
For current price of cooking oil, call us at 888-697-8910.

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